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 Shikai Nara

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PostSubject: Shikai Nara   Shikai Nara EmptyWed Jun 01, 2016 12:23 am

Shikai Nara IM5C3lS
Shikai Nara JHhzLJh
Name: Shikai Nara
Nickname: Kai, Lady (Shi)Kai, Shadow Princess
Clan: Nara
Birth Day: June 7
Current Location: Kita

Shikai Nara 1id8rp4
Age: 12
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 5'0"
General Appearance: The young heiress of the Nara Clan has beauty that seems to match her title as the princess, while also honoring the Nara traditions. Just as most of her clan members, Shikai has the jetblack hair to match. Her hair is quite full normally being kept in a ponytail. This ponytail is always tied up by a single red ribbon, which is commonly tied into a bow. Framing her face on the left and right sides, are two large strands of hair, which Shikai feels helps keep her hidden. Along her forehead lay her bangs, which are longer in the middle covering the bridge of her nose and the edges of her eyes. Accompanying these beautiful dark strands would be her dark blue eyes that pop in comparison to her skin tone. Shikai has skin that is more pale that's most, it is also cold to the touch(due to lack of blood flow), but it still gives her a porcelain type look. Her frame is what most would describe as small and petite giving her a defenseless look, which isn't entirely wrong.

Upon this young girl's body, she normally wears outfits that would definitely befit a lady. Her normal go to outfit would be a black shirt of any kind with a black, ruffled skirt to match. However, she may also find a keen liking to any color of dress, as long as it fits her picky description. All of Shikai's dresses need to be sundresses or "princess" dress, which is essentially a dress with ruffles underneath. Even though the young girl may seem high maintenanced in dress, she can also, on occasion, be seen wearing simple outfits, such as shorts and a T-Shirt. No matter what she is wearing, Shikai will always wear a pair of black sandals upon her feet. Although, her outfit of the day normally depends on how the girl is feeling.

Shikai Nara M5glPNN
Speech Patterns: N/A
Habits: Shikai can normally be seen twirling hair or clothing.
Illnesses: From the day she was born, Shikai had been diagnosed with heart problem that could be dubbed fatal, if not treated or cared for properly. The arteries connecting to the poor girls heart were underdeveloped causing them to be smaller than normal meaning less blood could travel through them. This meant the child's beating heart would have to work harder to pump blood for her frail body causing her great pain and suffering when she is forced into prolonged activity. This can lead to the girl coughing up blood due to too much blood trying to flow through the arteries in most cases or in serious cases death. This could also cause her body to seem cold to the touch.
Ethical Axis: Neutral
Moral Axis: Good
General Personality:
More than anything, Shikai is a very shy individual always speaking with the softest of voices. The young girl is always paranoid and looking out for people that may way to berate her or do harm to her. However, it's not just fear of others hurting her that causes the child to be so shy. The child has always been afraid, since a young age that she may hurt others by getting close to them and making friends. She simply wants to spare others the heartache of knowing her. The child also doesn't understand how to be social with others, no matter how intelligent she may be. Her words may come out as rude or harsh but she doesn't exactly mean for them to be. The child simply tries to keep her distance. She also tries to hide that fact that she is a child of the Nara Clan. She feels that she is simply a burden or disappointment to her clan.

Although very shy, Shikai would jump at the chance to help anyone in need. Under all of her anxiety and fear, the small girl has a heart of pure gold. She would do anything to ensure someone else's happiness far before even her own. She simply wants to find the good in people, even if she thinks they don't have it. She wants more than anything to ensure a better future for others by any means necessary.

Although she may feel as a burden to everyone, this young heiress would not think twice about protecting her people. Whether it be the people she cared for or the people she is called to protect, Shikai is not afraid to put her life on the line (since it already is anyway). She would fight endlessly until her heart gave out for the people she loved. Shikai simply wants to become something greater than she believes she will be. The young Nara wants to one day lead her clan to greatness and will do so with a passion truly great.  

Shikai Nara Pdcn4BX
General Opinion: Shikai is more scared or nervous around people that she hasn't met.
Mother: Mizuna Nara
Father: Shikano Nara (Clan Leader)

Shikai Nara 0JeABNK
Birth Location: Kita
Story: It had started when the head of the Nara Clan fell in love with a beautiful young woman. She had no affiliation with any clan, no special powers, but she believed in herself. The woman was so confident in her ability to be a normal shining, not matter if she failed. She was so strong, beautiful, and brave. Shikano fell in love with this woman and married her. Soon after, she would become pregnant. What more could the two have wanted?

Within the span of 9 month, the two had grow closer, even through the many trials. They had created a room for their precious baby but what they would hear would not come easy. After waiting a dreadful span of five hours, their baby girl would be born into the world. The new heiress of the Nara Clan was happy and almost seemed healthy, until they had heard the ghastly news. Their baby was a weak one and would have to be taken special care of. Her heart was fragile and her body weak. However, their love for their young baby wouldn't waver and they would do everything they could for her.

Growing up, it would be easy for the couple to take special care of their little girl, considering she couldn't function properly on her own with her age. She would be active for as long as her parents allowed. She would do everything at a slower pace. However, the only thing that would be different for the child was the random multiple tests that members of her clan would do for her. They wanted to find ways to prolong her periods of activity and life. They wanted to make sure their heiress was healthier for the road ahead. She would need all the strength she could get.

As the baby girl would begin to grow into her infant years, she would become more active and more prone to doing things on her own. This would cause her mother great stress but she would always be there to watch over her precious baby girl. Shikai was always happy with her mother's presence but her father wasn't ever around all that often. Considering he was the clan's leader, he was always away working or without her knowledge, looking for ways to better Shikai's health.

Things were always the same every day, up until the young girl would turn six years old. This is when her father decided he simply couldn't wait any longer. Bad health or not he needed to train his young one for her position as heiress. So, at the measly age of six, the intelligent child would begin to learn the secret jutsu of the clan. She would learn to think in more ways than just one and learn to train, even on her own. Consideing most of her energy was spent training, Shikai's mother would never push her to learn the ways of a woman meaning the girl never cooked or cleaned.

Considering the child's mental capabilities, skills, and rate at which she progressed, Shikano would have no choice but to throw his lovely daughter into an academic early. It was at this point in her life that she would learn the ugly truth. Shikai was afraid of the other kids. She had never been around any other than the one's in her Clan's compound but she could never play with them much. She had never had any friends other than her parents. It was at this point that the girl felt truly lonely. For the first few weeks, Shikai managed to stay out of site and out of mind. However, the class would soon realize how weak she was despite her intelligence. She would be berated and picked on for having limits. They would wonder why she had been admitted so early. This would cause for the young heiress to run home in a crying fit, however she wouldn't make it. Along the way, the girl would fall to her knees coughing up blood and gasping for breath before fainting. She would wake up to the blurred vision of a woman screaming her name in horror only to pass out once more. When she woke up again, the child had been placed in a hospital, where she would remain for the remainder of the month. She wouldn't return to the academy that year and wouldn't graduate.

Shikai had since then looked down on herself as a failure. However, her next year in the academy would be more calm, enjoyable, but still lonely. This time she would pass just barely but still pass. Shikai had learned to work through her weakness. Now, all she had to do was learn to grow stronger in health and in awareness. She would allow her clan to continue working on anything that would help her. No matter the cost, she would try anything.

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Sadashi Hayashi

Sadashi Hayashi

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PostSubject: Re: Shikai Nara   Shikai Nara EmptyWed Jun 01, 2016 11:52 pm

Hello, Akira. I'm Sadashi, a trial character mod. You certainly have built up an interesting character, and everything seems to be in place and fairly well fleshed out. However, I did want to point out some pointers for future creations, and possibly suggest that you switch your tense from future to either present or past tense, that way, we can follow your characters story a little easier, and, also, I wanted to note that you had a typo in this sentence, "She wants more than anything to ensure a better future for others y any means necessary." I believe it should be "future for others by any means necessary." However, I think this is a small fix, and I just wanted to point those two things out so that you know to be on the lookout for them in the future.

I also wanted to ask if you have any plans of making Shikai stronger, since, as it stands, she is fairly weak. I'm asking to make sure your character will remain balanced to an extent, since she does have quite the burden placed on her. I want to make sure her path to strength will be feasible and not done in an overpowered manner. I understand that her illness will make her more interesting to play as, so I understand why you made the choice you did. However, I want to make sure you will be able to actually use Shikai in a fight at some point as well.

Overall, this entry and creation looks okay to me, though I would like to have another staff member confirm this in case I missed anything major.
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PostSubject: Re: Shikai Nara   Shikai Nara EmptyThu Jun 02, 2016 7:28 am

Hi there! Sorry about that typo it happens a lot to me honestly. (The perks of mobile.) I fixed it though, so it's all good. Thanks for pointing that out. Although, I use past tense when I write, so I'm not quite sure where it looks to be future tense. I was just wondering about that is all not saying I didn't use it.

Also, I do have plans for Shikai. Honestly, ask anyone because I know multiple people know me here, I'm not really about being overpowering. I have more of a character development type focus, which is normally fairly drawn out, but that doesn't mean I won't use her to fight. She will definitely be able to do so.

Thank you very much for your time.
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Sadashi Hayashi

Sadashi Hayashi

Posts : 30
Join date : 2016-05-24

Shikai Nara Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shikai Nara   Shikai Nara EmptyThu Jun 02, 2016 9:04 am

It's fine about the typo, I figured it wasn't too big of a deal, since it was just one, and thank you for fixing it.

Ah, my mistake. I meant past perfect tense, where you slip into "would have" in the history section quite a bit. I don't know why I thought that was future tense--I apologize.

Okay, that is good to know, and I could tell you value character development a lot, I just wanted to make sure you didn't feel you were giving yourself too grave of a disadvantage, since heart issues are serious, and whatnot.

I say you're approved. Welcome to the site!
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PostSubject: Re: Shikai Nara   Shikai Nara Empty

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Shikai Nara
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