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PostSubject: Sidus Reverie - Starseeker   Sidus Reverie - Starseeker EmptyTue May 31, 2016 11:38 pm


Sidus Reverie



Birth Day

July 13th

Current Location

Kita Settlement




175 lbs



General Appearance

A tall, lanky young man with slender limbs and torso, but toned by the muscular frame that holds his body in shape from years of heavily practiced swordsmanship, weapons smithing, and attentive combat training with a variety of tools. Snow-white skin as soft as it falls on fields without any trace of tan as per typical from the frozen Lands of Iron, but severely calloused on the finger tips, knuckles, base of the thumbs, and finger ligaments. Hair wavy and ragged, swept forward by the gentle but ever constant casting winds of the harsh north, falling just inside his eyes and earning an exasperated bat every now and again, and has even taken to the habit of keeping his hair pushed forward even when outside the lands of iron for familiarity. Following this, his hair is as white as the plains of eversnow that surround Miyoshi city state and have molded much of his early life. Light violet irises that could be mistaken as hazel in a dead light, keen shape with a smoothly angled facial structure.

Suiting a tall body, Sidus dresses in a long, white robe garb that sits close to his body, baggy and long with open sleeves that stop around mid forearm and open legging that cover even his tight sandals, all held together by a leather wrap around his torso. Underneath is a tight fitting bright crimson undershirt that keeps the robes from hindering movement and allowing maximum dexterity. Tied to both arms and legs are arm and leg guards shaped from solidified black leathers to act as a guard. On his waist is an odachi he will never be seen without, self-dubbed the Starseeker. Held together with a sheath even longer then the blade to keep it held close. Tied around his neck is a fragile white cloth which acts as the centerpiece of representing the Reverie head house, stained a dark velvet that actually isn't blood because he isn't that edgy.

Sidus Reverie:

Speech Patterns

No special speech patterns, although Sidus is prone to thinking out loud.


Frown to one side, pat off their clothing, grip hilt of weapon.


A severe allergy to bullshit and crying melodrama. A mental instability around edgy mary-sues that are so pained by their past filled with darkness, it practically makes him puke. Get over yourselves.

Ethical Axis

True Neutral

Moral Axis


General Personality

Soft spoken and gentle of touch, Sidus is a tender soul geared by cockles of steel around his heart. Behind closed doors, Sidus is signified by his heritage; Samurai of Miyoshi. With a warm smile and voice, he aims to sooth the wake of chaos in our world by any means necessary in order to bring about a time of peace. However, outside of his tender affairs, Sidus burns bright with determination and anger that arises only in times when blood must be spilt. When Sidus draws his weapon, it is not a threat, nor a means to attack. It is a sign of what one must do for their ideals. Sidus will make an attempt to never take a life unless and only when it is an opponent whose ideals clash as firmy as his own, only to those with strong wills will he offer his regard and deem them worthy of losing their life or taking his own. During this moment, Sidus' mind is corrupted by its own desperation to turn his ideals into a reality and will become cruel, cold, and ignorant to morals.

Outside of combat, Sidus is still in his stoic indifference to the world. He views the Shinobi as a possibility, as a factor of potential that teeters on the edge of what may or may not be a path correct for keeping the world stable and it worries him. His own brethren in the Lands of Iron are strife in combat, heavy in small skirmishes that any eye with a hand that grips power turns away from for their own benefit. Although it is not official, Sidus is very sure the Lands of Iron are headed towards a path of war. It is his current goal to find the measures to dowse the flames inside his home and return it to the state of power and peace it might have held in the past.

General Opinion

Sidus judges heavily on first impressions on contact. Appearance means nothing, it is only when you open your mouth to speak to him directly. Otherwise, anybody is just a nameless and faceless.


Seyya Reverie


Connrin Reverie

Life Rival


Birth Location

Lands of Iron – Miyoshi City State


Sidus ducked low, his hand hovering over the base hilt of his weapon and keeping his head down, a look of stoic focus and wide eyes. With a long, practiced motion, he began to draw. Feeling the darts pass through the air beside him, he could tell the direction of their arrival. He pulled his body back and launched forward with a heavy throw of his momentum and pushing his legs, still in the motion of drawing.

Another dart.

Sidus could see it coming this time, as if it fired in slow motion. His eyes still wide, he inhaled a deep breath as the iron blade passed through right in front of his eyes, passing through strands of his hair and  taking a few tendrils with it. Last time, that same move sliced across his face. With a smile he made no small effort to keep down, Sidus kept his quick sprint forward.

It was dark with a few lanterns strung up poorly and hastily with string on bamboo stalks as if their presence didn't matter. Kept alight by weak flames, the illumination they offered was small and more a hindrance on the eyes than an anything as it conflicted with the darkness to keep the eyes softened or the light to keep them alert. However, Sidus has learned long ago not to rely on his eyes alone or you risk losing them to a shadow you hadn't seen in either spectrum. Another bladed dart flew from the shadows and scraped his robes, but Sidus angled himself to the side to avoid any damage. Sidus could feel everything through the placated darkness. As he ran, he took in the silence as it fell around him. Opening his ears and closing his eyes, still under a sprint, Sidus felt his senses widening into a sphere of control.


A ribbon of wind caressed his cheek.

Sidus halted in a sharp motion, the sudden lack of momentum causing his feet to crush the plains grass at his feet as he turned on the balls of his feet to a left flank and leapt forward, opening his eyes wide and positioning his sword for a full undraw. Several darts this time, all moved in a square alignment. Sidus knew this move. Four more projectiles would follow in a diamond alignment and another from behind. With the small amount of metal already drawn from its sheath, Sidus met the first two darts in a flash of sparks in the darkness, avoiding the other two as he leaned backward. Before the follow up attack started, Sidus was already jumping in short sprints behind him, closing the distance from the direction fully behind him. A shadow wavered, darker than the rest as he closed in. ..There!

“Ittoryu Iai...”

Sidus drew his Odachi and flew in a line with unmatched speed, a single slice virtually invisible to the eye, the gap closed in an instant.


A flash of sparks followed by the muffled sound of cloth slapping the wind. A thump followed by another. Sidus turned immediately, standing upward with his right hand gripping the Star Seeker as he held it close and upward to cover his face defensively, his left hand ready to grab the bottom hilt at any moment.

From the darkness, an audible sigh. “Alright, that's enough”.

A bright light as Corren lit the lantern he kept tied to his side. As if creating a sun in the night, the area lit up like a blaze. Sidus remembered the times past when that lantern would burn his eyes like it really was a sun. He'd learned by now to stop looking at it. “Master?”.

Corren patted himself off, brushing the grass from his sleeve. “That wasn't bad. I'm surprised in the difference from last month, but at least you managed to cut my sleeve”.

Sidus grimaced, but it eased into a light hearted smile. “I wish I had cut something more than your sleeve, master. It's been years now”. Corren nodded with a purse of his lips. “Too many to count. You look like less of a toddler now than you did when we first began training”.

Sidus smirked. “That's because I was a toddler.. Master”. Sidus held back from mentioning his master's appearance. Angelic, almost feminine features but still easily recognizable as masculine. In fact, master Corren looked younger than Sidus despite his age.

Rubbing his chin, Corren nodded. “Ah, right. Anyways, that'll do for morning stretches. Are you all ready to go?”. Sidus' eyes lit up. He nodded and made a beeline-- walking patiently to his pack behind the oak tree he had stashed earlier. “I'm packed and ready”. Corren  blew a sigh out. “Alright, we're not going to be traveling together like I told you, and I don't really care for good byes. Want to just meet up in the village?”.

Sidus smiled, but it was more an excited grin. He already knew master Corren wouldn't be parting alongside him, but it didn't matter. “That sounds like a good idea, master”.

Corren grabbed his own pack and turned sharply to Sidus with a sharp jab of his finger. “When we get there--”

“I know, I know. Ramen's on me”.

“Damn right”.

After completing years of training under tutelage of the renowned master within the Miyoshi district, Sidus Reverie had taken to traveling to the lands of the Shinobi “with” his master to meet out a goal in finding true manners of a peaceful, powerful Land of Iron. He now travels around, looking for his master as well as a means to complete the goal he set out, no matter how simple it may seem.
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PostSubject: Re: Sidus Reverie - Starseeker   Sidus Reverie - Starseeker EmptyWed Jun 01, 2016 2:13 pm

Looks good to me
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