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 Drag Hatake (W.I.P.)

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PostSubject: Drag Hatake (W.I.P.)   Drag Hatake (W.I.P.) EmptyMon May 30, 2016 6:24 am

Drag Hatake (W.I.P.) Tumblr_static_tumblr_mpkak1cr1e1rois19o1_500
Drag Hatake (W.I.P.) JHhzLJh
Name: Drag Hatake
Nickname: The White Dragon
Clan: Hatake Clan
Birth Day: October 1st
Current Location: Minami Settlement

Drag Hatake (W.I.P.) 1id8rp4
Age: 20
Weight: 147 lbs.
Height: 5'8
General Appearance: Standing at 5'8 and weighing in at 147 lbs. this thin man has white pale white skin color. Drags body type is very thin lanky and has a long chest long legs and long arms. Drag's eyes are naturally a bloody piercing red or crimson color. Drag has long black hair that goes down past his waist the hair is very nicely groomed. Drag wears a white buttoned up shirt that has an empty pocket pouch the shirt is long sleeved and he has a loosely tied tie around the collar of the shirt that is black in color. Drag will sometimes wear a black suit over shirt over the white shirt. Drag wears Black pants that go to his ankles. Drag wears black socks, and wears black  dress shoes with no laces over the socks. Drag's clothes always seem to be wrinkled and are well worn. under his long sleeved clothes is a heavily scarred arms legs chest and back. Drag has natural thin black colored eyebrows. Drag is always scene carrying around a sword dagger bow and arrow or other types of weapon at one time. Drag always seems to have a bored look on his face when around other people or a sad look when he is all by himself since he is the only member of his family left. Drag almost never smiles his mouth is stuck in a near permanent frown. Drag has an angular face and natural pale white skin that looks like it is made out of porcelain. Drag has an  angular and thin nose. Drag always at least wears some sort of black because he is always in mourning because of all the deaths that have happened in his family. Drag over all looks like no other Hatake and he likes it that way.
Drag Hatake (W.I.P.) Kamukura.Izuru.full.1472208
Drag Hatake (W.I.P.) M5glPNN
Speech Patterns:

*"That was pretty Cool I guess"
*"Don't worry I'll protect you"
*"The Dojutsu are useless unless you have the speed and strength to back it up"

Habits: Tilts head when Thinking.
Illnesses: N/A
Ethical Axis: Neutral
Moral Axis: Good
General Personality:

Drag Hatake (W.I.P.) Pdcn4BX
General Opinion:
Mother Lilly A.K.A.: The Golden Chameleon Deceased
Father: Dragon Hatake A.K.A. The Silver Dragon Deceased
Eldest Sister: Rio Hatake A.K.A The Golden Dragon Deceased
Eldest Brother: Yuki Hatake A.K.A. The Copper Dragon Deceased
2nd Eldest Sister: Cherry Hatake A.K.A. The Bloody Dragon Deceased
2nd Eldest Brother: Dragon Hatake the Second A.K.A. The Second Silver Dragon Deceased
3rd Eldest Sister: Nami Hatake A.K.A. The Dragon Empress Deceased
Younger Brother: Korrin Hatake A.K.A. The Dragon Lord Deceased
Younger Sister: Lilly Hatake the Second A.K.A. The Second Golden Chameleon Deceased

Drag Hatake (W.I.P.) 0JeABNK
Birth Location: Minami Settlement
Story: Drag Hatake was born 20 years ago into a very big family by the time he was born he already had 5 elder siblings. During the time he was growing up Drag was trained quite harshly in the way of the Ninja by his Mother and Father. Drag was never interested in being a Ninja he had a way of thinking that if Ninja's didn't exist the world would be a much better place. Things started to change though once his elder siblings started to drop like flies then his younger siblings and finally his parents he was then and forever alone. Drag then became an near emotionless individual though he still seems to have a good heart. Drag never smiled after that incident he seemed to be very inquisitive now trying to understand why there is any reason to be happy.
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Drag Hatake (W.I.P.)
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