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Summons     3yin0C9

Summons are space-time techniques that allow ninja to transport animals (or people in rare cases) across the world and to the location of which they're being summoned by using a small blood sacrifice. Before a summon can be performed, the player must have already completed a contract with the desired summon. The contract comes in the shape of a scroll in which the player signs their name in blood and are then allowed to use the beasts listed on the contract. While contracts are free, they do require some amount of player development as to how the user came to acquire them.

There are three different types of summons:

Adolescent: These are the baby summons. They're generally no larger than 3ft tall and have little to no application in battle when it comes to fighting with the big dogs. They have 2 techniques (no stronger than C rank), 5 Basic Tokens and act as little more than cheerleaders. These are the summons that you will start with. This will be the same summon of which you develop all the way through with, so spend your StP wisely as you wont be able to restart them. In order to gain an adolescent contract, which you need to progress your summon at all, you must create a 1,000 WC thread.

Adult: These summons are more developed than the babies. These can range into sizes as large as a human or a bit larger and help in battle significantly more than that of their earlier years. They have 4 techniques (including the 2 from adolescence; no higher than A rank), 9 Basic Tokens and are decent in combat on an average scale. To attain an adult summon you must summon your adolescent summon in combat ten times to assist you. They don't have to do much but they do need the battle experience.

Elder: These are the badasses of the summon world. They are what would be the top, if not the tippy-top, within their pack.  These can scale into the size of a bijuu, while not as powerful are just as large. They have 6 techniques (including all prior techniques), 15 Basic Tokens to distribute and can pack a pretty meaty punch against enemies. To acquire an elder summon you must summon your adult summon ten times within combat. Once again, they don't have to pull the weight but they at least need to witness raw power.

In order to actually summon your creature (after you've completed your contract), you'll need to pay a sum of chakra. After paying your chakra your summon will then need to pay an allotted amount of chakra per turn to remain in the area. These fines depend on the stage of development in which your summon is in.

Adolescent: 10 Chakra to summon, 5 Chakra per turn from summon to maintain
Adult: 60 Chakra to summon, 30 Chakra per turn from summon to maintain
Elder: 120 Chakra to summon, 75 Chakra per turn from summon to maintain

Summons are allowed to (but not required to) have one elemental release. Additional techniques can be purchased for your summons through the use of Player EXP. Just make sure to include the purchases in your character updates and then post them to your summon's sheet as well.

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