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 Toga Samuru [Done]

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PostSubject: Toga Samuru [Done]   Toga Samuru [Done] EmptyWed May 25, 2016 12:48 pm

Toga Samuru [Done] SitHSq1

Name: Toga Samuru
Epithets: The Unhinged
Clan: Samuru
BirthDay: March 31
Current Location: Kita

Toga Samuru [Done] 1id8rp4

Age: 23
Weight: 180lbs.
Height: 6'2
General Appearance:
Toga is a tall, striking young man, with a semi-tan complexion. His hair is long and reaches below the ears while the top features a red spiky edge to it, usually standing up in a way that fits his head very well. His eyebrows are the same red and curve into circles above his eyes. The male's eye shape is thin and devilish, giving one the feeling he is looking through their very soul, while his irises are synonymous with blood in hue. The right eye seems to have a black line that traces through the skin above and below, a scar. He has two earrings on his right ear. Because the man was once a samurai of high social regard, he wears an assortment of gears, with huge sword sheathed at his back. Upon his feet, he wears red geta, the bottom are built customly with metal bolted to it, so that should the user need it, he can have them act as an extension of his fighting ability. As for clothing, he fashions a loose and large two-arm sleeved animal pelt coat with what appears to be an obi tied around the waistline in the front. This is so that it falls around him in his own style, because of it being tied like this, the cloak around his back doesn't hamper speed. The material this pelt is made from is both of the purest silk and the most beautiful animal fur, creating a comfortable blanket for the wearer. Now then, under this robed pelt Toga features a sleeves on the on both his arm sides,  Tora wears two red arm warmers which are pulled up and connect to his armor on both sides to keep it from falling down or getting baggy. The samurai's leather armor decorates the masculine torso nicely as well, this armor is more lightweight than anything however, nonetheless it is very durable against blades and ranged projectiles. The Unhinged leaves his left shoulder open to reveal for others, almost as an obvious weak spot, so that he can create a fool's hope that they may have something over him. This creates the illusion that they'll be able to hurt him, giving him the ability to tarnish their efforts and result in a much better fight over all. The man's lower gear is made from pure silk and happens to be loose-- comfortable shorts, though, hitting his thighs or anything above the knee is a challenge due to his long animal-pelt mentioned above. Again back to the cloak itself, this pelt happens to be dark brown, with decorated gold and light brown trimline to color it's designs, while the inside is dark crimson. A purple rope is knotted around the neck/chest extending all the way up his other arm to his wrist, so as to show style. The style of a past member of the high society of course. Usually he only wears this coat, or robe rather, with one sleeve on, the other hangs to the back of him.

Toga Samuru [Done] Art-g-yuusuke-kajiri-kamui-1624

Toga Samuru [Done] M5glPNN

Speech Patterns:
Toga Samuru tends to address people with a bark, more than an ask. He's a man of high caliber, and grants anyone equal respect until after he's dueled them or experienced time with them. He never uses honorifics. Also, he never bows, not even to emperors or kages-- unless forced to do so.Toga often calls males by their surnames, and females by their first names. He also uses adjectives to speak to those younger or weaker than himself, such as: "kid," "girl," or "boy." He also belittles opponents and insults them. If he REALLY dislikes you, he'll put a rude verb in front of your name. For example-- "Bastard Nara." "Ugly Himiko."


  • Smoking From The Pipe:
    Toga smokes from a pipe tucked between his armor often, whenever he has money though, he can even be found smoking more powerful herbs.
  • Taking Women To Bed:
    Toga likes to sleep around with women, however, he never seems to be the guy to settle down with one.
  • Instigating Fights:
    Toga Samuru believes men should let their blades talk, and instigates fights whenever two people begin to argue. Let their skills determine who's more fit to do this, and who's less fit to do that. Etc. Though, it's been seen that he cares little for watching these fights, as he usually moves on after they begin.

Illnesses: N/A
Ethical Axis: Chaotic
Moral Axis: Neutral
General Personality:
Toga was once a child, with /dreams/ of picking up the ways of Bushido, and standing against those that would hurt the weak. However, from what he saw in his time under the Shogunate, Toga became infuriated. With time, brought change and Toga merged into more of a vigilante than anything else. He fought for the needy at first, and struck at the wicked. He had to kill his best friend at the age of seventeen and ever since then, he's drowned himself in women and mind-altering substances...
While he was still a vigilante, he was placed under the bingo book as a criminal, forcing him into the places he tried desperately as a child to escape. He ended up working as a bandit, more so than a warrior, yet was infuriated with what he'd allowed himself to become and still called himself Samurai or even Ronin to those who wouldn't buy into him easily. He took many women to bed, some not consensually, and slaid many bounty hunters and ninjas in his time. His personality eventually became that of an observing predator to his opponents-- and people around him alike really. He lived only to sate his desires, his heart had frozen cold, and it became hard to reach. He wanted to become a ninja when things started getting out of hand, and travelled to Kita where he was appointed from the bottom. Thus, he had to learn jutsu alongside children. However, with his added knowledge and experienced, he climbed the ranks fast. His old title, "Toga The Unhinged," returned and he began his life anew. Hoping for more entertainment this time around, versus his experiences as a samurai. He's now a taunting, crude, and mentor to younger ninjas. However, since he's still learning things for himself, he's forever changing and growing.

Toga Samuru [Done] Pdcn4BX

General Opinion: Heterosexual
Mother: Katsurou
Father: Momotarou

Toga Samuru [Done] 0JeABNK

Birth Location: Isolated Port Town.
Toga was born under the clan name Samuru, a clan that wasn't much, in fact, the clan was a merchant family. A poor one-- so poor... That all Toga ever wanted was to escape it all. He wasn't a book reader, they just weren't his thing. But he had a wise young friend from the slums who'd grown up with him along the banks. She read a lot, and he enjoyed hearing about the samurai, the fighters for justice, the military of tomorrow. So she gave him the book, and his mother read it to him day in and day out. His friend's name was Sadashi, a girl who was much more mature than he-- and a million times more brilliant. Toga liked her as a kid, but focused more on his training to one day wield a katana of his own. Little did he know, that he'd trade that katana away in exchange for the Shogun's son's sword years later...

As an early teenager, Toga had grown a lot, and he became a womanizer, and delved with marijuana and tobacco pipes often. He hid this from his father, who would've beaten him for it-- even despite his older than child-like appearance. Though... Toga still had dreams of becoming a samurai at this age, and very soon, he'd make it a reality. He made a best friend out of the Port's delivery boy. He found out they shared a passion for becoming samurai. But needed money to make it a reality, so, the friend devised a plot. His name was Matsuba by the way, he's important. Nevertheless, Matsuba told Toga to seduce Sadashi Hayashi, and steal the money she'd been collecting to escape the port. Toga was very conflicted by this, as he deemed it evil. At this stage in his life... That was a hard decision to make. He weighed out the equation, seeing how he'd be saving many others, in exchange for ruining one girl's life, for this he acted on the plan. He bullied her into the act, and then took advantage of her. Dominated her in the bedroom, and robbed her of her accumulated ryo that she'd been saving since childhood. He and Matsuba took the next ship and made off to become Samurai...

They became samurai and all, and it was alright at first but, Toga disagreed with a lot of the Shogun's ideals. Being a samurai under dictation he had to force tax money out of the starving orphans or beat pastors if they refused to instruct children to join the military. It all seemed so wrong, so he cast himself up at the Shogun and attempted to slay him. He was intervened first by the Shogun's son. A legendary warrior in his own right, the two battled to the death, and Toga was surprised to discover his own sword as the victor, he'd won. The Ex:Soldier took the legendary sword Bloodletter as his prize, this was the son's weapon of choice. Toga was halted yet again only minutes afterwards in the next chamber. This time by Matsuba... The two had to clash as it was Matsuba's duty to fight for the shogunate, and Matsuba fell to Bloodletter's power quickly. This created a divide in Toga's heart and he abandoned his life as a samurai. In Matsuba's honor he allowed the Shogun to live so that his friend could go down a hero, "The Man Who Scared Away The Unhinged," they would say later on. The peace between Toga Samuru and the shogun's army didn't last long. The redhead slayed numerous samurai to protect the innocent after he went rogue, but rumor sparked of him being wicked; touched by the devil himself. "That's the source of his power," said a monk lucky enough to be saved by Toga. So in anger, he fled the hate of those he once tried to protect, he deserted their judgement. The soldier ended up back at Sadashi's home, a broken man, where they engaged in a fist fight, before reverting over to angry love making that very same night.

Toga felt another rift in his heart afterwards, so he joined a gang of pirates and raided ships off the coast as a bandit for the longest time-- where he eventually killed a noble warrior travelling to Kita and took the corpse's legendary pelt as a souvenir... It was his only prize aside from the occasional doubloons that jingled in his money pouch. And yet still, he felt no end to his dark void... That's when he was /finally/ at a loss for words. When he was fed up with the petty life, the life of the damned. The answer seemed so simple... He wasn't a samurai, or a hero, or a bandit... He would need to be a /ninja/. The redhead adopted the deadman's cloak and used it to gain entry into Kita by passing off as the other guy. Then he reverted over to his original identity signing himself up as a shinobi. He quickly rose a rank or two in no time at all, as expected, considering his prowess beside meager children. He did his best not to kill too many in genin exams but... He might've grabbed a couple names for his body count by accident. Oh well, it's their fault for not dodging. Right? Of course. Toga's latest pastime has been sleeping with jonin females it seems, but-- he seeks more adventure in his life, or at least, more tobacco for his pipe. Such is the life for a lonely, broken, ronin.~

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PostSubject: Re: Toga Samuru [Done]   Toga Samuru [Done] EmptyThu May 26, 2016 2:21 pm

Will resume grading after I am clear up if samurai are allowed yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Toga Samuru [Done]   Toga Samuru [Done] EmptyThu May 26, 2016 6:04 pm

Yes they are
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Adjun Nema

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PostSubject: Re: Toga Samuru [Done]   Toga Samuru [Done] EmptyFri May 27, 2016 8:54 am

Ok then Approved M8
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Toga Samuru [Done]
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