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PostSubject: Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP   Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP EmptyWed May 25, 2016 11:09 am

Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP Insert Image Here
Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP JHhzLJh
Name: Kiyosumi Ishikawa
Nickname: Lady Kiyo
Clan: The Ishikawa Clan
Birth Day: 9/15
Current Location: The Land of Earth

Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP 1id8rp4
Age: 23
General Appearance: Kiyo's hair is a parchment white color and shoulder length, with large curling bangs that covers her eyes when she doesn't use hair clips or her forehead protector. Her irises are a deep inky black, completely indiscernible from her pupils. Her eyes are also rather large and glossy, giving her a perpetual look of bemusement. Like the rest of her clan, Kiyosumi has pale and very delicate skin. She is easily wounded and thus tries to stay away from overly sharp objects. Though her skin is weak, she has ink and seal tattoos along her arms and a few on her torso. She developed an extremely delicate touch when doing this so that she won't harm herself while she is applying them. She often wears black nail polish and blush to try and add color to her face. She has a thin, almost sickly frame and isn't very physically threatening. Kiyosumi normally wears a grey strapless tube-top that starts just under her armpit and ends an inch above the end of her ribcage. She also wears a black skirt that stops just above her knee, black leggings and grey high heeled sandals with black soles that reach up to the middle of her shins. She also wears black gloves that reach up to her elbow and cover her fingers up to the second knuckle, excluding the thumbs. She wears a belt around her waist that carries all of her scrolls and any other tool she cares to carry unsealed. Over all of this she wears a large black coat that reaches down to her ankles, belling out from just above her waist. The coat's sleeves completely obscure her hands when her arms are by her sides and they bell out from the elbow. The coat has a large collar that hides her neck and the bottom half of her face from view. The coat is also a bit tight on her frame though it loosens at her waist and elbows. Kiyosumi's forehead protector is made with black cloth. She wears it on her forehead from time to time but it his usually tied around her neck, hidden by her coat's collar.

Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP M5glPNN
Speech Patterns:
Illnesses: Weak Immune System, Hemophilia
Ethical Axis: Lawful
Moral Axis: Good
General Personality: Kiyosumi is normally a very kind hearted woman. She is quick to laugh and even quicker to smile. She strives to see the good in anyone, even enemies or missing-nin. She is an avid believer that evil cannot exist within a person without at least a small shred of good there as well. She tries to help anyone in turmoil she meets because she feels that everyone deserves to be happy or at least at peace. She loves children and is very good with them, which is why she volunteers at the Academy from time to time. She has no skill with Iiijutsu or else she would help out more at the hospital as well, but as it stands she goes there to deliver bandages or other such supplies. She is a very loyal denizen of Iwagakure and will do anything to protect her village. She, like so many others, aspires to be Tsuchikage so she can protect her people on a larger scale.

That being said, even though she is a kind, caring and generous person, the coin can and will be flipped if she feels her village is in danger. She becomes rather aggressive and ruthless, using her strongest attacks and any dirty tricks she knows to get an advantage in battle so she can completely eradicate her enemy. She also reveals a vicious side to her personality. She threatens her enemies, insults them and overall shows no mercy. Though if an innocent is caught in the crossfire of such a battle her kind nature will shine through and she will do her best to protect them before facing the enemy with full force.

Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP Pdcn4BX
General Opinion:

Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP 0JeABNK
Birth Location:
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Kiyosumi Ishikawa | WIP
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