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 The Ishikawa Clan |WIP

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The Ishikawa Clan |WIP Empty
PostSubject: The Ishikawa Clan |WIP   The Ishikawa Clan |WIP EmptyWed May 25, 2016 11:08 am

The Ishikawa Clan |WIP WqXpATA
Name: The Ishikawa Clan
Founder: Ishikawa the Stone Guardian
Leader: None Currently
Settlement(s): The Land of Earth
Clan Rules: Strength Paramount - The weak die and only the strong survive.

The Ishikawa Clan |WIP TFl5Qsf
Allies: None at the moment
Enemies: None at the moment

The Ishikawa Clan |WIP Wvi5anN
KKG: Jinton [Dust Release]
KKG Description: This is a combined nature transformation kekkei tōta, an advanced version of kekkei genkai, made up of techniques that mix earth, wind, and fire-based chakra to create pulverising force. The techniques of this nature initially form as a small three-dimensional object (e.g. a cube, a cone, etc.) composed of chakra that forms between the user's hands. When the technique is released, the form expands and surrounds the target. This nature allows the user to manipulate molecules, giving them the ability to disintegrate anything on a molecular level within the boundaries of the three-dimensional form.

The Ishikawa Clan |WIP PKfNPEK
Name: Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World
Rank: S
Element: Dust Release
Skill: Ninjutsu
Hand Signs: Rat → Boar → Snake
Description: The user uses Dust Release to create a structure, with a sphere located at its center, between the palms of their hands. The structure expands rapidly in size when being propelled towards its intended target and traps them inside its confines. The sphere then seems to explode with a tremendous amount of force, while the exterior walls of the structure effectively restrict the size of the blast radius, resulting in the destruction of everything and anyone caught within as they are pulverized into minute particles of dust. The technique isn't limited to just affecting physical matter; it can also affect chakra-based defenses, like an Uchiha's Susanoo.

The resulting damage that this technique can produce varies considerably, depending on the initial shape of the created structure. For example, when fabricated in the form of a cube, the structure possesses a relatively small blast radius, minimizing the possibility for collateral damage. However, the conical version was implied to be enough to potentially destroy an entire island. Additionally, it is possible to produce a much larger variant of the cube-shaped technique. This cube can also be split into two after being activated, allowing for other techniques to be directed between the two halves. When two similar techniques of approximately equal power collide, the pair merge into a single large spherical explosion; where everything caught within the substantial blast radius is completely pulverized. This technique can be manipulated into a diverse selection of three-dimensional structures, including cones, cylinders and cubes, with each retaining a sphere located at their centres.
Range: 100
Speed: 50
Potency: 150

Name: Dust Release: Detachment from the Primitive World
Rank: S
Element: Dust Release
Skill: Ninjutsu
Hand Signs: Rat → Boar → Snake
Description: The user froms a structure between the palms of their hands. The user then draws their hands apart, causing the structure to expand rapidly around themselves or any nearby ally. This structure forms a barrier between the user and all those on the outside. The user is also able to expand this barrier to envelope others around them. Anything outside of the erected barrier will be pulverized upon coming in contact with it. The user must be careful with maintaining this jutsu, because if their concentration breaks it will collapse and destroy everything within.
Range: -
Speed: -
Potency: 300
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The Ishikawa Clan |WIP
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