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 Farren Uchiha [DONE]

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PostSubject: Farren Uchiha [DONE]   Farren Uchiha [DONE] EmptyMon May 23, 2016 11:01 pm

Farren Uchiha [DONE] ER5eumn
Farren Uchiha [DONE] JHhzLJh
Name: Farren Uchiha
Nickname: None yet
Clan: Uchiha
Birth Day: October 31
Current Location: Minami

Farren Uchiha [DONE] 1id8rp4
Age: 14
Weight: 5'10"
Height: 136
General Appearance: Farren is a young man with a feminine face, long black hair tied up in a topknot, large piercing grey eyes. His body is slim and pale, yet, well toned, muscular, and covered in scars that he has gained by way of training and also through brawls he has found himself in over the years. His expression is one that always appears to be disinterested, his mannerisms even adding even more to this perception that many people have of him when first meeting him. A noticeable feature of his are the purple marks underneath his eyes. Around his neck he wears a black, scarf-like collar, decorated with two light yellow arrows pointing downward. His clothing consists of a black, long-sleeved shirt he wears over a longer black one, and black flap trousers. The black shirt has a deep, round neckline and two rounded cuts at both sides, over his waist. The right sleeve of Farren's white shirt differs in length to that of his left, stopping at just below the elbow whereas his left ends at the wrist. The black bibs of his flap trousers are not on his shoulders, but instead are hanging down loosely. Again, the legs of his trousers show black, down pointing arrows on both sides of his legs. The ends of the trousers are stuffed into grey boots, both of which have light yellow arrows that point downward instead of black ones on them. From his sleeves there are black bands that hang slightly hang down.  However, this described outfit is one in which  Farren only wears during his downtime when he's not taking part in a mission or assignment. When in one of those scenarios, Farren tends to wear He usually appears wearing a tight black bodysuit highlighted by metal plating (this metal plating is simply an aesthetic until registered as armor) on his shins, arms, shoulders, chest, and waist, as well as a long purple scarf. This outfit is one that allows Farren flawless mobility as it clings to him almost as if it's a second skin. Because Farren usually spends a majority of his time delving into missions and assignments, this outfit is actually the one that most people usually see him in.  

Farren Uchiha [DONE] M5glPNN
Speech Patterns: "I Can't complain." "A pleasure to meet you." "That's interesting."
Habits: Farren has a habit of busying himself as much as possible, whether it be through training or throwing himself fully into his missions. One thing that has always been important to him is advancing himself as much as possible, given that one of the things that he's always hated about others is inaction. If there's anything that he can do to busy himself and it also gives him the means to become a better "Farren" than he was minutes prior to the action he'll throw himself into it fully.
Illnesses: N/A
Ethical Axis: Chaotic Neutral
Moral Axis: Neutral
General Personality: Farren is a complex individual. At times he can be rude and dismissive, but at the same time he can act quite serious and caring. Farren has also been known to be very arrogant, yet unknown to others this actually hides a lack of self-confidence that he has in himself. No matter how strong he is in actuality, he always feels as though it isn't enough. This in turn has given him a lust for power, causing him him to continually seek and search out power, trying with all his might to become stronger.  He never really finds himself actively interfering with the lives and ambitions of others but, should they come into conflict with his own desires he will not hesitate to bring an end to whatever impedes him, or to take whatever it is he wants. He lives his life based on his his own wants and desires and nothing else.

Those that he sees as his friends he thinks of as his family and would protect with his life. On the same token, he also finds it hard to trust new individuals. He can be rather oblivious to the feelings of others and can be rather abrasive at times, not taking the cues from others that there is something particularly wrong with how he may be acting at the time. This has led to many fights in Farren's young life, but the fact that he relishes battle has never truly caused him to think ill of this quality. Though he enjoys combat, he never truly fights out of anger or hate, and never usually acts out of this emotion. When he is pushed to this point he has a tendency to hold grudges against those responsible for this. Those grudges usually don't end.

Outside of these attributes, Farren is a very perceptive person. Farren is able pick up information by various methods such as interacting with people or just observing them. Coupled with the fact that he's a great liar, ferreting out what he wants is something he excels at. Farren also wields an extremely analytical mind. He is able to study situations and attempt to work out how to turn them to his advantage, as well as prioritize tasks to maximize his efficiency.

Once forced into confrontation, Farren has a tendency to be merciless when it comes to dispatching any threat to himself or his comrades. Because of this, he usually doesn't entertain the concept of a fight unless the situation is serious. For example, Farren would never fight someone over mere insults. If someone is threatening one of his friends or companions, then he'd trust them to handle their own affairs. If they weren't capable of at least handling themselves then Farren wouldn't be associating with them to begin with. Jumping into the affairs of others has never been something Farren has liked doing - but should things appear grim for his companion he'd begrudgingly offer his assistance.  

Farren Uchiha [DONE] Pdcn4BX
General Opinion: Farren is usually indifferent when it comes to people he has yet to have met on a personal level - as long as an action they've taken on has personally affected him in some way. Other than that, he doesn't waste time forming opinions on too many people.
Mother: Valeria - Passed during childbirth
Father: Aarne - Has great respect for his father, yet, their current relationship is strained.

Farren Uchiha [DONE] 0JeABNK
Birth Location: Kita
Story: Farren was born seventeen years ago into the infamous clan known as the Uchiha; a clan that has been known far and wide throughout the world. His mother had passed during childbirth and he had been left to be raised by his father. Farren's father, Aarne, took the loss hard, but he never once attributed his son's birth to the loss of his wife, and he did his best to raise his son into a man that she would be proud to call her own. The clan that Farren had been born into had a reputation of being ruthless and valuing power above all else, so much so that it was rumored that they delved into the "dark arts" in order to obtain the power that they held - when in actuality the only power that was being used were the powers of their doujutsu, yet, at this point in time there weren't many of those that actually understood the distinction.

Farren's upbringing within his clan wasn't unlike the upbringing of many others within his clan, however, Farren's father seemed to have other plans when it came to the training of his son. Farren endured extremely harsh training that mainly focused within the realms of both taijutsu and bukijutsu when most other children within his clan appeared to be focusing their efforts on things such as ninjutsu and genjutsu; two classes of jutsu that the Uchiha were highly esteemed for. Farren always wondered why it was that his father pushed him so hard into training in these ways, but as Farren grew older he realized that his father wanted to give his son a way to set himself apart from the crowd - giving him yet another way that he could be his own person instead of merely another Uchiha.

As the years passed and turmoil in the land began to come to a head, the Uchiha's were forced to leave the lands in Kita that they'd lived in for so long as a result of the Senju forces that now occupy the area. Farren now resides in the area known as Minami, a place that seems to welcome his clan and many others. In spite of finding this new home, one of Farren's goals is to liberate his homeland of Kita so that his clan can once again inhabit the lands they were once able to without persecution from the clans that now inhabit it.

Of course, this way of thinking is something that Farren's father disagrees with entirely, as he fears that attempting to reclaim these lands once more will simply lead to more unnecessary bloodshed. Farren, however, simply sees this as weakness on his father's part and he's blind to the wisdom behind his father's opinion on the matter. With youth behind him, Farren simply hopes to reclaim these lands as well as to bring glory to his clan - despite how against this his father may be.

Face Claim: Sonic l One-Punch Man

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Farren Uchiha [DONE]
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