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 Oda Sanjo

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Oda Sanjo  RlAqEID
Oda Sanjo  JHhzLJh
Name: Oda Sanjo
Nickname: Sanjo the Saguine
Clan: Oda
Birth Day: 2nd of December
Current Location: Kita

Oda Sanjo  1id8rp4
Age: 13
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5'3
General Appearance: Sanjo is a young boy of only thirteen and has all the physical characteristics to prove it. He stands at only five feet and three inches, weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds. He has neck length, dark brown hair that's borderline black. The ends of his fair amount to spikes with his bangs acting similarly. Each side of his head has two pointed bangs with slightly smaller strands of hair rested beside it. The rest is towards the back, slightly mountainous and pointed. His ears stick out from beneath the strands. Light and peachy, his skin tone is very gentle and inviting. He has thin eyelashes that rest towards the bottom of his forehead, just above his eyes. His eyes are a deep amber in color which at times are hard to separate from brown. 

Sanjo wears an orange headband that resembles headphones on the top of his head. He's more than not often seen in dark green pants, open toed sandals and an open light colored dress shirt, revealing his necklace and torso. Around his neck rests a pitch black bear claw necklace given to him from his grandfather at a young age. It remains one of his most prized possessions. 

Oda Sanjo  M5glPNN
Speech Patterns: Sanjo frequently says "Everything will work out." It's sort of like a catch phrase.
Habits: Bad case of laziness. Prefers to relax and be one with nature. 
Illnesses: None
Ethical Axis: Neutral
Moral Axis: Neutral
General Personality: The oldest of the Oda twins is extremely laid back and peaceful. Generally not one to start a fight, he's not afraid of protecting his friends. He's usually pretty chill with anything that happens, so long as no one he cares for is being hurt.

Oda Sanjo  Pdcn4BX
General Opinion: Sanjo is extremely open minded and likes to believe in the good of others. He's been proven wrong before and at times has to pay for it, but nothing has revoked his trust in mankind thus far.
Mother: Oda Akemi
Father: Oda Hisoka

Oda Sanjo  0JeABNK
Birth Location: Fallen Temple (Land of Stars)
Story: Two infants lie brazen against the midsummer's warm breeze under a stone temple. The wind ricochets from wall to wall, causing a draft in seemingly all locations. The father, nowhere to be found, is out extorting those without power. The mother cries for the sake of her children, as she knows her time with them is limited. The prophecy foretells it. She herself, an ordinary woman not born of the Oda clan cannot see it, but it is there. The grandfather, recently widowed, now forced to shoulder the responsibility of raising two baby boys. The situations were cruel and the conditions imperfect, however; that was how they must be. Ogata Anzai would be forced to flee to the Land of Fire with Sanjo and Aonin, where they would be raised.

At an early age, Aonin was the first to experience a possession. Anzai was away, leaving Sanjo to fend off the brother for himself. A deceased and begrudging bandit who'd died only a dozen years ago entered the body of an easy target: a four year old child. As the controlled Aonin chased after Sanjo with a means to murder him with the knife he'd acquired, the slightly older of the two was forced to climb a tree in hopes of escaping the blade. Unfortunately for the bandit, Aonin lacked the upper body strength to climb a tree at the time. Sanjo himself was unaware of his ability to do so and succeeded purely through an act of willpower and adrenaline. Anzai would come home shortly after this time to see Sanjo resting in the tree with Aonin still attempting to kill the boy. Temporarily oblivious to the situation, upon realizing the issue at hand Anzai was forced to restrain Aonin and perform and attempt and exorcism. After two attempts it became clear that he'd be unable to do so and so the family was forced to bare a bloodthirsty killer child for the next two weeks. During the duration, Sanjo studied from one of the many books left from his father. After a fortnight, Sanjo performed the necessary steps to remove the demon from his slightly babied brother. This was the first awakening to the afterlife that each of the boys experienced. During the ritual, a faint silver emission seemed to glow from the skin of the older while the younger let off a soft golden shimmer. 
As Anzai himself was no shaman, the two boys continued to study with one another using the books as the only pure methods of sorcery. He was unable to administer aid to them, though the intellect of the two boys seemed to be enough to learn tricks and nuances on their own. The two were unable to be enrolled into any ninja academy, they would likely be frowned upon. It seemed the two did indeed use the power of the shinobi, jutsu, to create their undead phenomena, but the arts in which the performed might be frowned upon by the general community. Sorcery, witchcraft and necromancy. That's likely all the family would hear of their powers. It wasn't how it seemed however. The sacred duty of a shaman had long been to hone spirits and their powers as well as send unhappy souls to the afterlife. Playing with the dead just seemed something undesirable.

And so the two continued on, training mostly with one another in a race to see who could become the stronger. The fierce rivalry had grown between the two in the last few years. The two maintained love, but fought to the bitter end in every match. Thirteen years have passed since their birth and they've only continued to grow. Their prophecy has not yet been fulfilled and so the story must continue.

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Completion bump
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Sadashi Hayashi

Sadashi Hayashi

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Everything here looks good. Approved.
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Oda Sanjo
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