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 Heki Sasanagi

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PostSubject: Heki Sasanagi    Heki Sasanagi  EmptyMon May 23, 2016 7:48 pm

Heki Sasanagi  Insert Image Here
Heki Sasanagi  JHhzLJh
Name:Heki Sasanagi
Birth Day:March the 15th
Current Location:The Vast Wildernessv- Mita

Heki Sasanagi  1id8rp4
Weight:62 lbs
Height: 4 foot
General Appearance:Heki is a smaller ninja, his frame lanky, his skin pale. His black hair hangs past his shoulders, concealing the left side of his face. At times his air messy and unkempt, but usually, he lets it drape down. His face is frequently set in a huge smile which reveals his upper teeth. If one could compare his eyes, they appear to be snake like, however he dislikes the notion of having "snake" eyes.

Heki has 3 pairs of arms, giving his body a total of 8 appendages, two legs and four arms. One set he keeps hidden, usually wrapped around his torso or stomach, sometimes crossed behind the others. He often switches the pair, constantly making sure his arms are always equal in terms of strength. Heki keeps his clothing loose and closed up, choosing not to let any of his skin show. Perhaps he is a bit shy about his extremely pale skin, but such notions are behind him, aren't they?

Heki keeps his legs up with a looser hakama, but still has his boots tucked in high, so no skin shows. He keeps up with the white color, with a black border of his clothing. He wears a high collar, to distract from the slightly obvious triple shoulder blades that appear when someone is looking at him from above. When meeting people, Heki often only has one pair of arms out, not to make them nervous around him, or to lull them into a false sense of security. His white smile often was compared to a fox, but this is entirely false. Heki smiles because he learned to mimic that behavior, truthfully showing his teeth means very little to him, and being compared to a dog, however crafty seems like an odd choice of words. His clothes are functional and comfortable, which is all he cares about. His robes have enough space for armor, scrolls and weapons, yet are also soft and sleek as to give him a unique style of all their own.

Heki Sasanagi  M5glPNN
Speech Patterns: The patterns of Heki's speech patterns are unique, and a bit foreign, as if he is unbeknownst to the culture of this world.  
Habits: Spinning webs, knitting and creating clothing. He often has several spare outfits located in a scroll in case one gets dirty or damaged.
Ethical Axis:Chaotic
Moral Axis:Evil
General Personality:Heki is a unique individual, born into a world where history has not yet been recorded, one built on survival more than anything else. Or perhaps into a world that hasn't yet begun, in either case he is a survivor first and foremost, one that is a bit slow minded, preferring to see a larger picture rather than a smaller one. He tends to think about things 3 or 4 times before acting, and perhaps even longer before saying anything. He often appears aloof or intensely interested, followed by a period of boredom when things are over.

Reverence - Heki has a reverence to the natural cycle of things, and tries very much not to disrupt how he believes things should be. Its only with extreme difficulty does he even try and affect what he perceives as outcomes. He believes everything has a purpose, a natural order, strong to weak, old to young, ignorant to wise.

Hostility - A foreign concept to him, rather the innate nature to threaten or harm others for anything other than nourishment. Polite and manners are one thing, but Scarecrow doesn't seem to grasp basic threats or intimidation. He believes that the wheel of destiny turns for all, thus what will be will be regardless of posturing. He doesn't let such basic things phase him.

Morals - As a being, Scarecrow tends to keep his word, however he has no qualms about other processes, such as following laws, or normal social contracts people use to create order and stability. Order is simple to him, like a plant, he grows, sustains and produces offspring. He does not take more than he needs, and he doesn't get taken for more than he gives.

Heki Sasanagi  Pdcn4BX
General Opinion: Simply put, Scarecrow doesn't like a good many people. One might call him a recluse or hermit, but he simply doesn't value the very basic commodities that most others do. He often seeks out those who are different, vs those who are simply just strong or powerful like so many creatures.
Mother:Hisae Sasanagi
Father:Ogehdai Sasanagi

Heki Sasanagi  0JeABNK
Birth Location:Land of Fire
Story:Our story starts like so many others, a man and a woman. However that's where they diverge completely. Both his mother and father were born into the Sasanagi clan, they were second cousins. The marriage was arranged and enforced within the clan. Fortunately for Heki, or perhaps his father, his mother killed him shortly after the children were born healthy. Heki was born with 6 brothers and 5 sisters, that isn't to say all of the other litters born to other pairings. Of that particular pairing, it was the second largest in clan history, 27 born during that season. Miraculous only 6 died their first years, the clan grew significantly during that time.

Heki grew up like all do in his clan, in a warming hive until he was able to walk/run then he had to find his own area in the clan, usually most children lived around their parents, either or, or just one like Heki. For the next few years, Heki learned by mimicking his mother, and other members of his clan, following them, watching them. It wasn't until Heki turned the age of 6 that the real task began. Like every member before him, it was time to purge the weak. The natural order, Heki was to put all of his skills to the test. Each potential clansmen was to go out into the forest and survive, the lucky few who did could return and hold their heads up high.

Unfortunately, like so many stories, the triumphant return of the hero, battle tested, the best or stronger, smartest or quickest. Heki wasn't such a creature. He never returned, delving deep into the forest, setting up his lair among the dark underbrush of the forest. Heki would never again return to that life, such a foreign concept, being proud of murdering people for sport, being prideful is such a silly concept. The truest test is to survive, to live and be content for the remainder of your life, living like the spider.  

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Adjun Nema

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PostSubject: Re: Heki Sasanagi    Heki Sasanagi  EmptyThu May 26, 2016 9:20 am

What is your current location?
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PostSubject: Re: Heki Sasanagi    Heki Sasanagi  EmptySat May 28, 2016 9:28 am

Mita Please, but I'm going to buy my own settlement
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Adjun Nema

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PostSubject: Re: Heki Sasanagi    Heki Sasanagi  EmptyFri Jun 03, 2016 10:26 am

Approved M8
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Heki Sasanagi
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