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 Character [Done]

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PostSubject: Character [Done]    Character [Done]  EmptyMon May 23, 2016 2:07 pm

Character [Done]  Tzsy9W0
Character [Done]  JHhzLJh
Name: Sabo
Nickname: The Apostle, Eon, & Invicble Under the Sun(Self Proclaimed)
Clan: N/A
Birth Day: 10th of January
Current Location: Minami

Character [Done]  1id8rp4
Age: 19
Weight: 5'9
Height: 66 kg
General Appearance:Sabo is a somewhat notable person, by choice. As he dresses like a hippie; or more feminine than other Ronin, depends on your perspective. He has red, usually unkempt, hair that when worn all the way down goes to his shoulders. He doesn't have any scars on his body as he has not been struck by any foe. Not boast on his combat prowess but because he hasn't participated in man real battles against strong opponents. Also he isn't defined or sculpted at all, actually kinda flabby. But that just makes him even more smexy. Big bulging muscle and rock hard abs are so overrated. He also has really white teeth man, like really white.

He usually wears sunglasses due to his red eyes. As he was once mistaken as a Uchiha and that whole ordeal almost got him into a mess he didn't want to be in. Usually you can see him with a smoking pipe in his mouth. If he does lit it he usually has tobacco or some nice herb that makes him feel good. Appearance shouldn't need to be this long, but okay. Overall I guess you can kinda say Sabo is dirty as he doesn't really wash his clothes, no point. He feels they will get dirty anyway so there isn't a reason to keep them clean. Well he might wash it once a month if he doesn't forget to.

You may catch Sabo complete naked and covered in blood.So he can be edgy and claim not to be edgy. Oh, and Sabo's penis is pretty big. Like really above average and he is proud of it. He also only owns one pair of sandals. Waraji tatami sandals to be exact. Ugh, he sometimes carries around a jar full of sake or pee. Only drinking from it, himself, if Sake is within the jar. And offering the pee to others as not really a joke but to give them something they wouldn't really want.

Character [Done]  M5glPNN
Speech Patterns: "I don't want to fight.", "You know I can kill you. Right?", " Don't touch there... that's my no, no place." , "I'm not edgy."
Habits: Talk shit, Occasional Killing, Praying to his god, Cannibalism, &Running away.
Illnesses: No
Ethical Axis: Neutral
Moral Axis: Neutral
General Personality: Sabo can seem to come off as quite a lively and energetic individual, being prone to grandiose entrances and greetings, but that is only when he is bored and wants to living things up. And he gets bored a lot. Or is trying to impress some women so he would be able to get into bed with them, as that is all he wants and thinks they are worth. As Sabo kinda hates everyone, even his own family, without a real reason. No, hate would mean he has some sort of feeling for someone. What Sabo feels about everyone, but himself, at the end of the day is nothing. This didn't stem from a horrible childhood, as he didn't have one, or from being wronged in his later years. That is just how he feels. Well has felt since he could remember. He has tried though to care for others but he usually just ends up pretending till he gets bored.

He even went out in search of a fuck to give. And he kinda found it. Well he found one thing, or person, that he actually cared about other than himself. And that was his new god. Someone that, he felt, had spoken to him. That was at the age of fourteen. And every sense he spoke to her he sees her every night in his dreams. This being the only woman, or being, that he holds any real respect for. As they, in his mind, will give him everything if he just gives her one thing. And that is the occasional blood of others.

In combat I guess you can say his mood depens on what he wants to do. Does he want to kill those blocking his path so he can give their blood to his god? Or does he just want to remove them out of his path? Depends on really how he feels. To be honest. Sabo rarely even fights. As he picks only fights he knows he will win. As there isn't a reason to waist his time with someone he knows in stronger than him. That doesn't mean he is afraid of dying, not at all. He just doesn't want to waist too much time or have to do too much in a fight. Sabo's run away from more fights than he even won.

Character [Done]  Pdcn4BX
General Opinion: Indifferent
Mother: Salome
Father: Zebedee

Character [Done]  0JeABNK
Birth Location: A settlement near Kita
Story:Born Januray 10th as the first child of an pretty wealthy family. And Sabo had everything that he wanted. But as time went on he showed he didn't care for materialist things, or others. He never as a child showed any interest in what his parent's business was or the other children his mother popped out. Only time he showed interests was when a Ronin came to their small settlement and spoke with his father, the sword the Ronin had interested Sabo greatly. But he wasn't allowed to go near the thing, or the guy, and when he asked to get a sword they gave him a fake one. Even at the age of thirteen he wasn't able to get a real sword, and the following year Sabo had enough and departed. Not really for not getting a sword but because he went to find a fuck to give.  

Sabo actually lived good on his own for a few months, but when winter came times grew harder. He didn't really know what to do with himself, but then he was saved one day. After having a extremely surreal dream about a shrine. So, doing what he did in his dream he actually found himself at a shrine. Though it was a bit different from his dream. Instead of a large sum of food everywhere there was nothing but, fresh, corpses. Before winter Sabo didn't eat any meat really, unless he had caught a small rodent. Or if he was given something by passing travels. He didn't even know how to react to all of the corpses to be honest so he just went to the statute int he middle of the shrine. There he would fall to his knees and just pray for food. Nothing happened and Sabo thought his dream was just bullshit, but that would soon change. As he would trip, as he tried to walk away from the statue, and land face first into the open gut of a corpse. And well that is the first time Sabo would taste the flesh of another Human. He would then turn back to the statue and pray again. This time for the banquet before him. As these fresh corpses was his feast and he could eat to his heart's content, and he would do just that.

After feeding Sabo would clear the shrine of all corpse. He would then make that shrine his home. He would search the place to gain a more clearer understanding of who this god was, and he would find a few things. Just a few scrolls along with a necklace, that he wears to this day. All he did was study and keep the shrine in beautiful condition. After about two years a group would come to the shrine also bearing the necklace Sabo adorned. They were also followers of this religion and there was no hostile between them. One of them even taught Sabo swordsmanship and given him a spare katana he had. Nothing other than that would happen. And for years Sabo would stay there till one day he had a dream. Within the dream he was to slay the others, but after he took care of something he left in the past. That something being his family and the settlement he belonged to. So Sabo had told them about the dream, minus the part about killing them, and they would agree to help him in this endeavor. It took about a week or two to reach the settlement and proceed with the slaughtering of all the inhabitants, as well as burning down the settlement. After doing that Sabo would follow the rest of his dream by killing the others. It was over and he had followed his dream. Currently he doesn't know what else to do as he hasn't had another dream from his god in awhile. He is however though on the run and taking refuge within Minami from what he had down. As somehow what he was found out and he isn't welcomed in or even near Kita, for his atrocities.

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PostSubject: Re: Character [Done]    Character [Done]  EmptyWed May 25, 2016 10:11 am

Approved friend/Your history is weird but cool
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Character [Done]
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