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 Settlement: Kita

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PostSubject: Settlement: Kita   Settlement: Kita EmptyMon May 23, 2016 11:50 am

Kita is a very grassy region that is prominent for growth. Due to it's high fertility, there is an abundance of farms and the general exports include common fruits and vegetables that can be found in agriculture. It's not uncommon to see corn, potatoes, and wheat flowing at extreme rates from the city. Generally the hunger rates of the citizens are extremely low due to the large amount of food that circulates around. Beans and bread come cheap and are more than enough to ration to all the people at times of famine. The supply of food makes for a push in a growing military. Despite their abundance of crops, the Kita region currently lacks raw resources needed to make buildings. Ironworks do not come easily to settlers and only soldiers of higher caliber are permitted weapons and armor. The high population nearly makes up for this loss.

Politically, Kita is led by Senju Takaheshi, a generally carefree old man who discriminates against none. Prior to his rule the Kita village disallowed the entrance of citizens from Minami due to their long running rivalry. His push of power has been towards peace which is enforced by the Senju warriors within the villa. Even though his attempts have been pure, most citizens are still unsure about his position and express a deep discrimination against travelers from Minami. Despite his gentle stature, Takaheshi sentences offenders against the settlement to horrible punishments which no man should endure. He is calm and collected, but merciless at best. He's genuinely one who's good side should be kept.
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Settlement: Kita
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