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 Puppetry Explained

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PostSubject: Puppetry Explained   Puppetry Explained EmptyMon May 23, 2016 11:29 am

Puppetry Explained TQJExSn

Kugujutsu is the art of using puppets. In order to use Kugujutsu at all you must have a certain combination of stats described in the stat system, under skills. Puppetry is one of the most complicated of all fighting styles due to the sheer amount of toolbox uses it requires. Each puppet will need to be controlled separately and will have its own mods that are used for combat. Puppets will need to be made as equipment in the item creation and will need to be controlled with chakra strings unless special cases arrive. The specifics will be listed below based on your affinity for Kugujutsu:

Basic: You have no affinity for puppetry and won't even be able to form chakra strings. You're wasting your time by trying.
Novice: You are now able to control one puppet that has one modification on it. The puppet itself is allowed up to two basics in the body stat. Your chakra strings can reach up to 10m.
Adept: Your puppet can now have 2 modifications on it. The puppet also has a total of 4 basics in the body stat. Your chakra strings can reach up to 20m.
Elite: You may now have 2 puppets with 4 modifications total (not each). The  puppets also have a total of 8 basics that can be placed in the body stat (not each). Your chakra strings can reach up to 30m.
Master: You can now have up to four puppets with 6 mods total. The puppets also have 10 basics total that can be placed into the body stat. Your chakra strings can reach up to 50m.
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Puppetry Explained
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