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 Plot and Setting

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PostSubject: Plot and Setting   Plot and Setting EmptyMon May 23, 2016 11:10 am

This site takes place in a Naruto Alternate Universe. The situations are greatly similar to the canon plot, however; they have been changed to make sure the environment is mostly unique. No canon locations have been established but if someone wished to recreate them, we would not be entirely against it. There are no canon or movie characters within this universe (yet) and we wish to keep it that way until staff places them in. The timeline itself takes place in feudal times when the clans were warring. The two main current settlements are both in the Land of Fire: Kita and Minami. Characters will be able to expand out from Kita and Minami in order to make their own settlements, territory and locations. These settlements can and will likely be invaded over time. Aside from all this, the rest is pretty much for interpretation.
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Plot and Setting
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