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 Weapons, Items and Equipment

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Weapons, Items and Equipment Empty
PostSubject: Weapons, Items and Equipment   Weapons, Items and Equipment EmptySun May 22, 2016 11:10 am

Weapons, Items and Equipment IxUSGgc

A shinobi is nothing without his tools. That being said, some shinobi use more tools and weapons than the next guy, so it is important to know the applications of all of your weapons as well as how to use them. For starters, you will need to buy all equipment, other than what came in your starter pack, from a market within a settlement somewhere. Different settlements will charge different prices and sometimes you'll find a better deal in different locations. Aside from buying them at settlements, at times you will be able to buy them from other players wishing to rid themselves of a weapon they've outgrown or simply found on the battlefield and had no interest of using extensively.

Before getting into items, there are a few items that are not allowed on this site. The list is up for edit at any time, however; here are a few key things that we would not like to see created here on this site (some of these things may be offered as limited items):

  • Guns
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Nullification Items (Any item that completely stops any type of attack)

It's important to know how much gear your character can carry. For every two points in the Body stat, you will be able to carry one more "slot" of gear. A slot is simply the encumbrance value of an item, how much it costs to carry it. A player may exceed their encumbrance value, but they suffer a penalty to movement speed by 1/2 the previous value for every slot that they've went over. Travel time is also doubled for every slot over. This means if you're two slots over it will take four times as long to travel to an intended destination. It is very important to try not to over-encumber yourself.

Next, there's what equipment actually does for you. There are three different types of equipment: Weapons, Armor and Consumables. Weapons are items act as your bread and butter for Bukijutsu in most situations. These are prized swords, legendary hammers, gusting fans, chained blades, or anything of the type. The thing that sets them apart is that they are generally used multiple times. Armor are items that protect you from damage. Every piece of armor has a set amount of damage it can absorb depending on it's rank. It can only absorb damage if the location that was hit is directly on the armor. Naturally, logic applies here. If a knife was to strike your chest, a piece of armor on your foot couldn't absorb the damage. Armor can be classified in three categories: light, medium and heavy. Light armor will naturally weigh the least and take up the least amount of encumbrance. Medium will take up twice of what Light takes. If a piece of light armor takes 2 encumbrance slots, the medium of the same rank would be 4. Heavy weights 3x more than light, taking up 3 slots. Lastly, there are Consumables. Consumables are items that you use up in battle and have to replenish afterwards. This is pretty much anything that is used up multiple times. Kunai, shuriken, ninja wire, smoke bombs, paper bombs, scrolls, chakra pills. Everything of the like. These generally have unique competencies depending on the rank of the item. Generally the consumable will have a higher rank version of what it already was.

Weapon Damage represents how much damage any individual weapon can do on a basic attack. These rankings do not apply to ninja tools but instead only to primary weapons such as swords, axes, hammers and the like. Basic attacks are defined as attacks that aren't improved through the means of any abilities. If I was to simply pick up a sword and hit someone with it, this is a basic attack. Using a technique to increase the power of a jutsu only causes it to increase in damage.

Weapon DamageD RankC RankB RankA RankS RankLegendary
(1 Slot)
(2 Slots)
(3 Slots)

Weapons also have a durability based on rank, no matter the size. Once durability depletes to 10% the weapon can still be used, but it will only do 10% of it's original damage. Once the durability depletes to 0, the weapon is destroyed and can only be fixed at an armory. Durability depletes by 1 every time a weapon strikes something solid such as armor, another weapon, a person, a wall, etc. Durability increases by 10, starting at 10, for every rank. Legendary weapons, however; cannot break.

D Rank: 10
C Rank: 20
B Rank: 30
A Rank: 40
S Rank: 50
Legendary: Unbreakable

Armor Protections tell us how much our armor can soak up before it becomes useless. Armor can take damage from both physical attacks and elemental attacks so long as the armor itself is hit. You can still wear broken armor, but it won't do anything. Armor loses protections based on how much damage are inflicted onto them. This damage accumulates and remains until the armor is repaired. After armor has fully broken it can only be repaired at an armory. Shields, unlike other armor, have 1.5x more protections that what is listed.

Armor Protections             D RankC RankB RankA RankS RankLegendary
(1 Slot)
(2 Slots)
(3 Slots)

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Weapons, Items and Equipment
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