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 Ranks and Ranking Up

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Ranks and Ranking Up Empty
PostSubject: Ranks and Ranking Up   Ranks and Ranking Up EmptySat May 14, 2016 4:55 pm

Ranks consist of five different tiers, known as D-rank, C-rank, B-rank, A-rank and S-rank, with D-rank being the lowest character rank and S rank being the highest character rank. Each character has their own rank which they start with. Your character's rank will determine your character's starting essentials such as Starting Ryo and Starting Stats.
A character's rank can be improved upon through a rank up. A rank up means your character's rank will be increased to the next rank, this can be done through an Exp. payment. The amount of Exp. required to rank your character up to the next rank, depends on their current rank:
D-rank to C-Rank: 1,000 Exp.
C-rank to B-Rank: 2,000 Exp.
B-rank to A-Rank: 3,500 Exp.
A-rank to S-Rank: 5,000 Exp.
Exp. can be gained through a number of activities:
Missions: Completing different missions will reward in different amounts of Exp. depending on the mission's rank.
Events Taking part in events will reward in Exp. The amount of Exp. will differ from event to event.
Killing Characters Killing characters will reward in Exp. depending on the character's rank:
D-rank: 500 Exp.
C-rank: 1,000 Exp.
B-rank: 1,500 Exp.
A-rank: 2,000 Exp.
S-rank: 3,000 Exp.
For each rank above your own, you'll gain an additional 200 Exp.
For each rank lower than your own, you'll gain 200 Exp. less.
Word Count When not locked into a task that requires a certain amount of WC, you can gain exp just for roleplaying. For every 500 words you write freely you will gain 150 EXP. This bonus can be granted in missions and such where you exceed the WC, but only from the remaining WC after subtracting the original amount needed to complete the task
Upon ranking up your character will receive Stats depending on the newly gained rank:
D-rank to C-rank: +3
C-rank to B-rank: +3
B-rank to A-rank: +3
A-rank to S-rank +4
Exp. = Experience
WC = Word Count
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Ranks and Ranking Up
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