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 Update Template

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PostSubject: Update Template   Update Template EmptyFri May 13, 2016 8:48 pm

Update Template XyzAdQu
Update Template NrRq5A3
Name: Place the name of the character here
Rank: This is your current character rank. This should be kept updated
Clan: What clan does your character belong to?
Settlement: Where does your character currently reside? If there is no place of residence, put 'None'

Update Template R89uMyM
Stats: Place all of your stats and what rank they are here
Chakra: How much total chakra does your character have
Elements: What elemental natures does your character possess

Update Template HYo75Pc
Ryo: How much money do you have? Keep an eye on this!
Exp: How much exp do you have? Keep an eye on this!
Carried Equipment: Everything that you could possibly carry into battle

Update Template Ze7xneh
Here you will place a (well organized) list of your jutsu. This will be how you keep track of what jutsu you have trained and which ones will be available to you at any given time. Keep in mind that your opponent will also be able to see what you've placed here, but if it becomes obvious that they are using this knowledge to their advantage they will be penalized. 

Update Template 24fa4dS
Anything that's not previously covered is put here. Summoning contracts, active effects, etc: that sort of thing


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[b]Carried Equipment:[/b]



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Update Template
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