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 Mission Guide

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PostSubject: Mission Guide   Mission Guide EmptySun Apr 24, 2016 2:22 pm

Mission Guide RAGbw0A

Missions are the most basic form of gaining EXP and Ryo which can be used to better your character. There is no limit on how many missions you can do in one day, however; you can only do the same mission once every 24 hours. Any repeats within the same 24 hours will not be counted. All missions have a set objective that must be completed in order to earn the rewards listed. Characters must also meet a designated word count based on the rank of the mission at hand. The rank of the mission also determines what ninja are able to do the mission. Each character is able to complete missions up to one rank above their character rank. e.g. D rank characters can do up to C rank missions, C rank characters can do up to B rank missions, etc. All missions performed by a team of ninja will require all ninja to meet the WC. Those who do not will not receive any rewards. Any missions performed by a multiple characters will receive a 10% bonus to EXP and Ryo. Any missions performed by multiple characters in the same "Team" will receive a 25% to EXP and Ryo.

The reward of the missions completed are based off of rank. Each rank mission has three different rewards. A player can roll the "Reward Die" after completing a mission in order to determine what reward they will receive. Basic Rewards are the default, able to be earned on any mission. Super Rewards offer 1.5X what the basic reward was offering, allowing you to gain extra EXP and Ryo. Ultimate Rewards are very rare. That being said, they offer 3x what the basic reward offers, giving you three times the normal Ryo and EXP payoff.

Basic Rewards for Rewards (Based on Rank) and WC Requirements:
(Rank: Ryo and EXP - WC Requirement)

  • D Rank: 100 Ryo and EXP - 250 WC
  • C Rank: 250 Ryo and EXP - 500 WC
  • B Rank: 450 Ryo and EXP - 750 WC
  • A Rank: 700 Ryo and EXP - 1,000 WC
  • S Rank: 1000 Ryo and EXP - 1,250 WC
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Mission Guide
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