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 Stat Explanation

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PostSubject: Stat Explanation   Stat Explanation EmptyTue Apr 12, 2016 2:23 pm

Stat Explanation TEvVnFV

Here on Ninja Reborn, all characters have stats that will help determine what skills they will be able to use. There are 3 different stats and 9 different substats. The three stats are Body, Mind and Soul. In the Body stat, the substats are Strength, Speed and Endurance. In the Mind stat, the substats are Intelligence, Reflex and Awareness. In the Soul stat, the substats are Power, Chakra and Luck.  All substats have a Mastery level that ranges from Basic to Master. The tiers, from weakest to strongest, are Basic, Novice, Adept, Elite and Master. In order to progress the Mastery level of a substat from tier to tier you have to invest what we call Basic Tokens. Each basic token you have allows you to move a stat from Basic to Novice, Novice to Adept, Adept to Elite or Elite to Master. Every tier costs one token. The amount of tokens you start with will vary based on your starting rank. Everyone starts with basic in every stat!



In order to use different types of jutsu or techniques, you will need stats that mesh together in order to make the right combination needed to perform the techniques. Each skill will have five different tiers, similar to substats. They are labeled the same: Basic, Novice, Adept, Elite, Master. The affinity for your skills will determine what rank of what kind of jutsu you will be able to perform. At Basic you can perform D rank jutsu of that skill. At Novice you may perform C rank jutsu. At Adept, B. At Elite, A. And finally at master rank you may perform S rank and limited techniques of this jutsu type. Below is the chart that allows you to see what jutsu type takes what stats. Only points invested into that stat count. Basics do not count.

Skill Chart:

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Stat Explanation
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