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 Settlement and Village Creation

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PostSubject: Settlement and Village Creation   Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:12 pm

Settlements are locations that players are allowed to place on the map. They're basically locations that can be added to the atmosphere, allowing people to live there if they choose. Settlements can vary in size, coming in three ranges: Small, Medium and Large and Village. Depending on the size of the settlement, the owner pulls in a certain amount of Ryo every week. Luck does not increase the amount of Ryo gained. The size of the settlement also determines how many people are able to live in it. Each character will only be able to own two settlements max. The size of your settlements determines how much land is within your "territory". You will then be able to capture land from other territories or unmarked land. 

Small Settlements cost 2,000 Ryo to create and produce 500 Ryo every week. Up to 5 characters can live in a small settlement (including combative NPC's). There are 100 non-combative citizens.

Medium Settlements require a Small Settlement and 4,000 Ryo. They produce 1,000 Ryo every week. Up to 10 characters can live in a Medium Settlement. There are 250 non-combative citizens.

Large Settlements require a Medium Settlement and 6,000 Ryo. They produce 2,500 Ryo every week. Up to 15 characters can live in a Large Settlement. There are 500 non-combative citizens.

Villages require a large settlement and 10,000 Ryo. They produce 5,000 Ryo every week. Up to 25 characters can live in a Village. There are 1,000 non-combative citizens.

This System May be Expanded in the Future!
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Settlement and Village Creation
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