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 Hayashi Clan

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Sadashi Hayashi

Sadashi Hayashi

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PostSubject: Hayashi Clan   Hayashi Clan EmptySun Jun 19, 2016 5:51 am

Hayashi Clan WqXpATA
Name: Hayashi Clan
Founder: Akiyoshi Hayashi
Leader: Kurogane Hayashi currently, though it is possible that Sadashi will take over, should she impress the leader with her ability.
Settlement(s): Kita
Clan Rules: Clan members are either born or married into the clan.

Hayashi Clan TFl5Qsf
Allies: N/A at current
Enemies: N/A at current
About: The Hayashi clan views the world as a wondrous, yet rigid place. They maintain their way of life without seeking to cause a war, but that doesn't mean the clan won't fight when pushed to it. Likewise, a majority of the clan won't go out of their way to help others, unless they see someone truly in need or their personal rigid code dictates that they must help others, no matter what.
Characteristics: Most of the Hayashi clan, those born into it, have some form of metallic or earthen colored eye, be it amber, gold, silver, or in some cases, multicolored like granite. Hair color varies from silver, brown, blonde, sometimes a light pink or red, though these latter two colors are rarer, and those married into the clan are not chosen for their appearance, but rather on their zodiac sign, so a Hayashi may have certain variants on these traits, so long as it can be proven through their parents' appearances that such variants would exist.

Hayashi Clan Wvi5anN
KKG: Juton
KKG Description: Using a combination of Earth and Wind release, the Hayashi clan is able to wield metal as a jutsu. Some people are able to wield the metal rigidly, while others are able to bend the metal to their will and make it flexible and nearly fluid. Masters, such as the leader or the founder, have learned to completely control the metal to do both hard and fluid creation.

Ones who make metal solidly but not flexible would be more suited to wear the metal as an armor or have it be thrown at an enemy to cause great damage upon impact. They could also, for example, form the metal around their hands and feet in order to bolster their attacks.

Ones who specialize in fluid jutsu, make their metal appear to be something like mercury, even though the metal is still fairly solid. These jutsu users are able to fashion the metal into whips or weapons with sharp edges. The metal can also be wound around enemies like wire or cable, and the metal can be launched at enemies like steel bolts for a ranged attack. Those who fluidly control metal can create metal clones, and the wielders of such jutsu rely on their agility and ability to remain hidden for protection, rather than suiting up and outright attacking the enemy in question.

Those who have mastered both jutsu can interchange between the two styles and combine them as need be for their battle purposes. Mastering the Hayashi style takes years, often decades of rigorous training, and only a few members can use such an ability.

Hayashi Clan PKfNPEK

Hayashi Clan UUT4ltV

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PostSubject: Re: Hayashi Clan   Hayashi Clan EmptySun Jun 19, 2016 10:04 am

Approved, you can add your clan jutsu over time or all at once just whenever you deem it necessary. Just re-bump the top in the future.

Your image is broken at the top, could you fix that please?

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Hayashi Clan
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