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PostSubject: Bloodletter   Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:54 am

Name: Buraddoretā [Bloodletter]
Rank: A
Slots: 3 [Heavy Weapon] 300 BASE DMG
Innate Abilities:

Written in Red:
The user of this sword can bend the blood it draws from the target into thin sharp blades, this is done by applying chakra pushed from the hands-- to Bloodletter's handle. It costs 25 chakra to sharpen the blood by changing the contents making up the density... It costs another 10 chakra per post (upkeep) to control it with mental telekinesis. This means rapidly changing it's direction even away from him. The more blood he has in the air, the more of these blades he can manipulate.

Sap Health:
Every time the blade draws blood, it eats slightly at the opposition's lifeline and heals Toga of minor wounds, scratches, and bruises.

Critical Hit:
Every five posts, Bloodletter charges up. The blood it draws circulates and causes the blade's sharpness to shimmer. Then, if the user is an elite in bukijutsu, it strikes for an additional 50% of their strength stat, and stacks with any buffs including the user's base strength statistic.

Passive-- Bloodbend:
While this sword is in Toga's hand he can bend his, or his opponent's hemoglobin to levitate-- it picks itself up off wound and comes to him. The blood will levitate around him, picking up in speed the more of it he obtains. This has no set amount, and the more blood drawn in combat equals the more blood that will goto Toga's arsenal.

This weapon once belonged to the Shogun's son. When Toga slayed him, he took the weapon as his own. Legend tells that it was a sacrificial ritual item belonging to one of the first cults of Jashinists' seen in the shinobi world-- but no one has seen members of the satanic religion in almost three decades. The weapon hums menacingly when drawn, signifying malevolent energies lay dormant beneath it's metal. This weapon's current beholder is Toga Samuru.


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