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 all i need is [open] [nk]

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PostSubject: all i need is [open] [nk]   Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:58 am

My sight goes dark When you stare at me. The sound of your breathing makes me crazy. You just stay still and look at me. I’ll never let you go, you’ll see.
It sure was hot. Yomi didn't like heat; he never did. He hated the sun burning his skin, he hated getting tan, and he despised the feeling of sweat on his body. He'd usually escape the grasp of the sun by keeping himself locked up inside establishment after establishment. Bathhouses, taverns, inns, geisha houses. Everything was good as long as they provided cover. But alas, this was his only day-off in a while, and it was "such a lovely day" -he kept hearing that from several people he was passing by-, so he just had to enjoy the whole of it, didn't he?

He squinted up at the sun with a scowl until his eyes couldn't take it anymore and he had to look down on the ground again. He'd been doing that exact movement over and over again for some time now, while taking small breaks to bite into the dango he'd bought. He didn't like dango much either, but the shop has a nice little bench outside with good shade for those in need, and he just couldn't pass it up, nor could he deal with an angry shopkeeper. His hand unconsciously reached for the thin wooden skewer, but once he'd brought it up to his mouth, he realized it was empty.

He put on the same scowl he did when facing his illuminated enemy, and threw the empty skewer, pointed edge first, right in front of him. He didn't even pay attention to his target, if there was one.

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all i need is [open] [nk]
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