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 Seijuuna (WIP)

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PostSubject: Seijuuna (WIP)   Seijuuna (WIP) EmptyFri Jun 10, 2016 1:48 am

Seijuuna (WIP) Megurine.Luka.full.1107653
Seijuuna (WIP) JHhzLJh
Name: Seijuuna Seishi
Nickname: Sei, Yuuna, Seiju
Clan: Seishi
Birth Day: January 1
Current Location: Kita

Seijuuna (WIP) 1id8rp4
Age: 17
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: 5'6
General Appearance: Seijuuna stands at 5’6 which is kind of tall for people her age and weighs at 120 lbs., Seijuuna has an hour-glass figure and is slim. Seijuuna also has long pink locks that reach down just below her waist. Her face is framed by her hair while her bangs are kept in the middle of her forehead. Seijuuna has a light skin complexion and blue eyes that may change to violet at certain times. The changing of her eye color was inherited from her mother who had long passed away. Seijuuna’s wounds are covered by band-aids, the band-aids aren’t visible due to the sleeves of Seijuuna’s kimono or yukata hiding it. But if you roll her sleeves, you can see band-aids located on some parts of each of her arms. There are also scars in Seijuuna’s wrists and hands, although they aren’t very visible unless you look closely enough. Seijuuna didn’t dare cut her legs, but there would be bruises seen at times but that is only on rare occasions. One might think that Seijuuna is getting physically abused, but in all honesty, her injuries were often done by her. If it weren’t done by her, it might be because she accidentally injured herself in training or because of getting injured by anybody in particular. Seijuuna cannot be seen with a smile on her face, if she isn’t smiling then there must be a good heavy reason on why she isn’t.

Seijuuna can often be seen wearing a kimono with floral designs, if not a kimono, it would be a yukata. She only wears a yukata on her lazy days because a yukata is not at all complicated to wear for her while a kimono actually needs time to wear, especially when someone is not helping her. As her footwear, Seijuuna wears a tabi and a zori. But there are times when she just didn’t bother to wear a tabi because it’s either too hot or she’s in a hurry, sometimes both. As her sleepwear, Seijuuna just wears a plain coloured yukata.

Seijuuna (WIP) M5glPNN
Speech Patterns:
Habits: Seijuuna has a habit of intentionally getting herself minor cuts with different objects when she's alone.
Illnesses: --
Ethical Axis: Neutral
Moral Axis: Neutral
General Personality: Seijuuna is a calm individual who often smiles at everybody. She is polite to elders and kind & sweet to children. Seijuuna was raised to be a proper woman, she sits properly and walks properly. She follows orders from the higher-ups she is loyal to, she listens to every person before she speaks out her thoughts. But at the same time, Seijuuna is sadistic. She enjoys to see people suffer and would giggle at their misfortunes. She also voices out her gruesome thoughts which may or may not get her into trouble. And while she is sadistic, she is also a masochist. She enjoys pain as much as she sees others in pain, though not emotional pain more like, physical pain. Seijuuna often gives herself minor cuts, but sometimes she gives herself deep cuts if she cannot stop herself from cutting.

Seijuuna hates it whenever someone would mention about her weight. No, she isn't suffering from any weight or mental disorders like anorexia. Seijuuna just hates for someone to mention her weight, may it be positive or not. If provoked, Seijuuna would remain calm, but she would offer a minimum of an hour-long pain tolerance. Seijuuna is also persuasive, and she wouldn't give never give up on anything unless there is a valuable reason to give up.

Seijuuna is a vegan. Her being a vegetarian doesn't have anything to do with her weight. The only reason for her being a vegan is because she respects life. She believes that nobody has the rights to take the life of any living being. Seijuuna would never kill a soul, and even if she did, it would be unintentional.

Seijuuna (WIP) Pdcn4BX
General Opinion: Seijuuna treats everybody equally. May they be of high status or low status, she isn't afraid to show her true colors.
Mother: Haruna Seishi
Father: Seiza Seishi

Seijuuna (WIP) 0JeABNK
Birth Location: Minami
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Seijuuna (WIP)
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