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 Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~

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Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~ Empty
PostSubject: Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~   Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~ EmptyThu Jun 09, 2016 4:59 am

Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~ WqXpATA
Name: Shishou
Founder: [Open]
Leader: [Open]
Settlement(s): Kita
Clan Rules:None

Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~ TFl5Qsf
Allies: Hyuuga
Enemies: Kaguya and their allies

Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~ Wvi5anN
KKG: Shoton
KKG Description: Users of Crystal Release can convert any matter into crystal, from physical material to moisture in the air, allowing them to turn anything into a weapon. This extends to other physical natures, rendering earth, water, and wood useless against it. When used on living creatures, targets can be crystallized down to the cellular level, imprisoning them so long as the crystals are in place and shattering them if the crystals are struck, killing them. Crystal Release users can also manipulate pre-existing crystals and crystalline structures.

Crystal Release cannot crystalline raw energy or chakra, as they have no physical mass to crystalline, allowing those with good chakra control or the lightning or fire natures to counter it as can wind. Crystal Release is also susceptible to a specific sound wave frequency: because crystal requires a very precise build-up of molecules, the proper sound waves can break down the build-up before the crystal can properly form. Sound based ninjutsu can effectively shatter crystal release, making them dangerous foes.

Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~ PKfNPEK
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Shoton Release - Crystal ~WIP~
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