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Naruto Divine B93cd561-ecf4-4e27-ba3c-71e78d0570d3_zpssrvqxdhb
Two years after the defeat of the Ōtsutsuki duo, Momoshiki and Kinshiki, the world has still managed to maintain its era of peace. The Shinobi Union has recruited every single hidden village, and, together, they have started to rebuild the shinobi world, making it a better place. The Shinobi Union representatives, under the request of Naruto, would establish the Union Police; a group of shinobi who enforce the laws of the shinobi world. With this order executed, the rate of criminals has dropped tremendously.

Sasuke would become the leader of Union Police, causing them to excel as a result. The Valley of the End would become the Valley of the Beginning, and the home of the Shinobi Union. The statues of Madara and Hashirama would be replaced by ones of Naruto and Sasuke, and Union City is constructed in the sky. Once their first big task was complete, the Shinobi Union had something else in mind. There were still parts of the world that has yet to be explored, and the Shinobi Union wanted to be the first to discover them.

Elsewhere, deep within a laboratory, rest a boy. Sleeping, for what seems to have been an eternity, he will soon awaken from slumber bringing chaos and destruction in his wake. There is only one thing he wants, and that is everything, and he is not willing to stop until he completes his goal. However, somethings not exactly right about him, and he does not seem to be doing things out of his own will. Only in time will the world know who he really is, but with a lot of familiar faces revealing themselves, the world will be shocked to find out.
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Naruto Divine
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