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 More Canon Earth style techs (Done)

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PostSubject: More Canon Earth style techs (Done)    Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:38 am

Name: Doton Yomi Numa- Earth style Swamp of the Underworld
Rank: A
Element: Doton
Skill: Ninjutsu
Hand Signs: Boar --> Tiger
Description: By changing the surface of an object beneath an enemy into mud and creating a swamp, the user can sink his enemy into the mud. The adhesive, chakra-infused mud ensnares the enemy's body, making it almost impossible to recover one's strength and escape from the swamp. The size and depth of the created swamp is 25 meters wide and deep. Potenecy 125, Range 50, Speed 25

Name: Doton: Kajūgan no Jutsu-Earth Style: Weighted Boulder Jutsu
Rank: B
Element: Doton
Skill: Ninjutsu
Hand Signs: Snake
Description: A technique which enhances the targets gravity at the user's discretion. The enemy's mobility is diminished, as the person is crushed by gravity — and in some cases exhibit petrification-like symptoms and then began to crumble. Using a desert region to their advantage, the user can easily bury the enemy alive by submerging them in sand. When this technique is applied to the user it decreases their speed, but the increased weight drastically improves their strength. This method makes it possible for even a weak person to land a devastating hit. The user must make physical contact with the target in order for this jutsu to take effect. Potency is 100, Speed is 50 Range is zero

Name: Doton: Keijūgan no Jutsu-Earth Style: Lightened Boulder Jutsu
Rank: B
Element: Doton
Skill: Ninjutsu
Hand Signs: None
Description: Contrary to its counterpart, this technique reduces one's gravity, making it much lighter. The atmosphere, along with their body, can be lightened in order to take flight and increasing their manoeuvrability must have physical touch from the user. With enough practice, the user can control their flight through the sky with specific bodily movements. However, a consequence of using this technique on oneself or another individual is a decrease in the physical force of the affected person's attacks cuts the users strength in half when effected but increases the speed by a quarter.

Name: Doton: Doryūkatsu-Earth Style: Planet Splitter
Rank: B
Element: Doton
Skill: Ninjutsu
Hand Signs: Rabbit → Boar → Rat → Horse → Tiger → Snake
Description: By flowing concentrated chakra from one's palms into the Dragon Veins (龍脈, Ryūmyaku) flowing underground, one can tear the earth apart, creating large chasms up to 20 meters wide and deep. The width, direction, and curve of the chasm are shaped and fashioned by the user. Manipulating the Dragon Veins requires fine chakra control, but if one has such skill, they can use this technique to divide the space between the enemy and their own team in two, destroy enemy camps or defences, and even to attack. Potency 80, Range 40, Speed 30

Name:Doton: Iwayado Kuzushi-Earth Release: Rock Lodging Destruction
Rank: B
Element: Doton
Skill: Ninjutsu
Hand Signs: Tiger → Rat → Snake
Description: This technique causes a cave-in by destroying the equilibrium that holds the cave together. Just removing a single vital stone throws off the balance of the cave, making it unexpectedly fragile and causing a domino effect that destroys the entire cave within a 25 meter radius. Potency 50, Range 50, Speed, 50.

Name: Doton: Kaido Shōkutsu-Earth Release: Opening Earth Rising Excavation
Rank: B
Element: Doton
Skill: Ninjutsu
Hand Signs: Snake
Description: With this technique, the user can bring up on the surface something that is deep underground. The targets are launched in air with great strength and speed, the result of which has the appearance and nearly size of an erupting volcano that stands at a height of 25 meters. It can force a large number of soldiers hidden underground to resurface all at once. Potency 75 ,Range 25, Speed 25.

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PostSubject: Re: More Canon Earth style techs (Done)    Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:50 pm


For starters, can you please put things in the proper pre-created topic's. Second, make sure you read the jutsu stat rules when creating jutsu's. Its not just a copy paste I'm afraid.
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More Canon Earth style techs (Done)
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